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Connaughton & Sons Landscaping Ltd. provides clients with a comprehensive range of professional landscaping services.
Our specialities include both soft landscaping and hard landscaping.
Our professional range of landscaping services include:

Garden Design

Garden Construction

Shrub Planting

Tree Planting

Patio Construction

Water Features



Decorative Peddling


All our projects and speciality landscaping services are completed to the highest of professional standards. Our management team oversee every project, ensuring a fast, efficient and cost-effective landscaping service.

For the best in professional landscaping, get in contact with Connaughton & Sons Landscaping Ltd. today.

Our Landscaping Services

From the planting and shaping of gardens and commercial green areas to the laying of paving and patio construction, we provide clients with complete landscaping service.
Our range of landscaping construction services include:

Construction and Installation of Garden patios

Garden Pathways

Raised Beds

Driveway (Natural Stone and Gravel)

Garden Wall Construction

Our planting service includes the selecting and recommending of the right plants to suit the individual project.
We provide planting schemes and the installation of roll-out lawns.  We can also make recommendations on screening planting and ornamental planting.
We dispose of all green waste in an environmentally responsible manner.

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